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COVID-19 Information

Iberia Parish School Board Face Mask Guidelines (9/1/2020)

Adults and students in grades 3 through 12 must wear face masks/coverings in all areas of the school, to the maximum extent possible.  Students in grades Pre-K through 2 may wear face masks/coverings, however, it is not mandatory.  Moreover, these must be worn while riding school buses, during arrival and at dismissal.  Individuals with documented health conditions, who are unable to wear masks must notify the principal, immediately, at the beginning of the school term or upon diagnosis by a licensed physician.  Proof of such condition/diagnosis must be presented to the principal.

Masks/coverings must not contain wording, emblems and/or insignias that suggest/promote profanity, obscenity, drug/alcohol/tobacco use, political speech, gang, or hate-related slogans.  Also, masks/coverings cannot contain images of faces.  Bandanas may not be used.  Neck Gaiters are NOT allowed.   The principal/administrator has the discretionary power to determine the appropriateness of face masks/coverings to ensure the safety of the school learning environment.

Failure to comply with these guidelines as set forth by the Louisiana Department of Health and the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is considered a violation of the Iberia Parish School Board uniform policy, which will result in parental contact by the school.  Further non-compliance may result in one or all of the following:  in-school suspension, out of school suspension, or removal from participation in the hybrid model of instruction.

A message from your school nurse:
I have attached a link related to COVID that you may find useful to help explain to your child what they can do. It has a read out loud option for you and your child if you choose to use the link. I can be reached by email at and on my school phone at 337-201-3702 during regular school hours. Please contact me if you would like any other learning opportunities related to your child's health or if you have any questions.  

Additional Covid 19 Information:

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