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Iberia Parish Schools
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First Grade French Immersion Reading Fun

Check out Madame Anne-Sophie’s first grade students’ french adaptation of the Bigmouth Bullfrog


Here is the story in English to follow along:

The bigmouth bullfrog swallows flies with its big mouth. He lives in a pond which serves as a diving board. But here it is, one evening he is fed up ... Flies for breakfast, flies for dinner, flies all day. He has enough. 

So, hopi hopa, here he goes ...

He meets a snake and asks it with his big mouth:

"You are so long! Who are YOU?

- I am the snake.

- What do YOU eat?

- Mice.

- Olala! " 


He meets a raccoon:

"You are so sweet, who are YOU?

- I'm the racoon.

- What do YOU eat?

- Chickens

- Baaah! "


He meets a squirrel, a black bear, a deer, a heron, a fire ant, a catfish, a crawfish, a pelican, a mosquito, a possum but nothing appeals to him: "Well if it's like that, I'm going home to swallow flies! "


Finally, he meets the alligator and asks him with his big mouth:

"You are weird! Who are YOU?

-I'm the alligator.

-And what do YOU eat?

-Bullfrogs with big mouth."

The large-mouthed bullfrog then makes a very small mouth:

"Really? Are there a lot of them around here?"


Hopi, hopa, the tale ends here!